Kidd Polo
Kidd Polo is a polo and equestrian related marketing brand with the primary purpose of promoting Jack Kidd, Professional Polo Player, Kidd Polo Projects and Polo Holidays at Holders House, Barbados.

Jack Kidd is a well-known 4-goal polo player, having achieved an 8-goal arena handicap in the USA he has numerous tournament victories around the world, but particularly throughout the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland.  He has achieved two European gold medals in the FIP championships on grass and an Arena Gold Cup win in 2006.  As well as a flourishing career as an outdoor player, having achieved success in the majority of the medium goal tournaments throughout Europe, Jack is perhaps one of the best known players on the Snowpolo circuit.  Jack has claimed victory at numerous Snowpolo tournaments perhaps most notably Cartier in St Moritz, as well as being one of the main polo promoters behind the more recently launched Snowpolo tournament on the social calendar, Berenberg Snowpolo, Klosters in January.

Kidd Polo Projects is involved with numerous marketing projects including Berenberg Snowpolo Klosters, The Players Marquee at Cartier Polo, Arena Polo at Olympia, Beachpolo in Sylt, and now more notably Jack Kidd has taken on the role as Director of Polo for the newly publicised Polo in the Park Series

Polo in the Park is an exciting and innovative new polo event that is hitting the streets of central London this summer and will combine excitement and entertainment with guts and glamour.  With plans to launch the Polo in the Park series in a number of other international city venues, the first Polo in the Park event will take place in Central London over three days, with city based teams competing to become the inaugural champions. A minimum of six teams will represent a selection of iconic and major cities across the world, including the likes of London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai, Bangkok and Mumbai etc. read more...

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