Polo in the Park, London 2009

Polo in the Park is an exciting and innovative new polo event that is hitting the streets of central London this summer and will combine excitement and entertainment with guts and glamour.  The tournament will take place at Hurlingham Park, South West London, over 3 days, culminating in the final on Saturday 6 June. Spectators will be treated to some outstanding polo matches over the course of the event as a minimum of six teams, from iconic cities across the world, battle it out to become Polo in the Park champions.

The event will see the remaking of history, as the sport of polo returns home to its British roots, Hurlingham Park, for the first time since 1939. Make sure you are there to witness the arrival of thundering hooves and phenomenal displays of horse and man power.
Attendees are assured a fun-filled and action-packed day out at Polo in the Park. In addition to the exhilarating polo matches that will be played, there will also be a variety of entertainment for people to both watch and partake in, a retail village selling an assortment of goods to wander round and food stalls selling a selection of delicious fare for you to enjoy as you bask in the sun.

Polo in the Park will take place over three days, with city based teams competing to become the inaugural champions. A minimum of six teams will represent a selection of iconic and major cities across the world, including the likes of London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai, Bangkok and Mumbai etc.

The format of the tournament will be as follows:

  • Teams will comprise of 4 players plus a reserve
  • A minimum of two matches will take place each day
  • Matches will last approximately one hour
  • The teams will comprise solely of professional polo players from some of the top playing nations in the world

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